LCPP @ GEC – Gaseous Electronics Conference, Pittsburgh, PA

RR1.00001 Early Formation of Uranium Monoxide in Laser-Ablated Plasmas: Constraints on the Rate Coefficients from Ultrafast Spectrometry and Plasma-Chemistry Models

NW1.00029 Kinetic treatment of plasma-material interactions utilizing dynamically-coupled Boltzmann plasma and surface erosion model

SR1.00005 Large Scale Simulations of the Plasma-Material Interaction using Electrostatic Particle-in-Cell Code hPIC

FT2.00002 Student Excellence Award Finalist: 3D ion and neutral distribution measurements and simulations of the boundary region of a magnetized plasma

LCPP @ APS DPP – American Physical Society, Division of Plasma Physics

List of LCPP contributions to the 59th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, October 23–27, 2017, Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

  1. BP11.00086 Numerical Assessment of Plasma Parameters and Surface Flux Scaling in the HIDRA Stellarator
  2. CP11.00026 Progress on the Development of the hPIC Particle-in-Cell Code
  3. GP11.00143 Stabilization approach for an explicit hybrid particle-in-cell method for bridging multiple time-scales
  4. JP11.00077 Direct comparison of neutral velocity distribution measurements and simulations in the vicinity of an absorbing boundary oblique to a magnetic field
  5. TO6.00007 Latest results and developments from the Hybrid Illinois Device for Research and Applications
  6. TO6.00009 A model of early formation of uranium molecular oxides in laser-ablated plasmas
  7. UO4.00001 Multi-physics modeling of plasma-material interactions
  8. UO4.00003 Fast, Statistical Model of Surface Roughness for Ion-Solid Interaction Simulations and Efficient Code Coupling
  9. UO4.00004 Calculations of Helium Bubble Evolution in the PISCES Experiments with Cluster Dynamics
  10. UO4.00008 3D measurements and simulations of ion and neutral velocity distribution functions in a magnetized plasma boundary
  11. UO4.00009 Validation of Boltzmann-Poisson Continuum Code with LIF measurements of Plasma Sheath in an Oblique Magnetic Field

JIFT Workshop – Japan

Presenting @ 3rd US-Japan Joint Institute for Fusion Theory Workshop on 
Innovations and co-designs of fusion simulations towards extreme scale computing.

August 7-8, 2017, 
Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Kashiwa, Japan