63rd APS Division of Plasma Physics 2021

63rd Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics

Monday–Friday, November 8–12, 2021; Pittsburgh, PA

GP11.00006 Recent Results from the SciDAC Partnership for Simulation of Fusion Relevant RF Actuators
GP11.00010 Development of a non-linear rf sheath benchmark suite
JO08.00002 Modeling Microsecond Timescale Molecular Formation in Laser Ablated Plasma Plumes
JO08.00015 Porting the PUMImbbl library to GPUs and integration in the hPIC2 Particle-in-Cell code
JP11.00020 Zapdos-CRANE implementation of a lithium vapor shielding model
JP11.00039 Particle-in-Cell study of impurity production from RF sheaths in front of ICRH actuators
NM09.00003 Integrated Multi-Scale Modeling of Impurity Migration and Plasma-Facing Material Evolution in Present and Future Tokamaks
NM09.00006 hPIC2: a GPU-accelerated, hybrid particle-in-cell code for plasma-material interactions in complex geometries  
ZP11.00018 Effect of ion acoustic instabilities on the energy-angle distributions of the ions impacting on the wall of a finite-size plasma